Heaven+Hell masters
Far East Ghost feat. Steve Eto / LIVE IN TOKYO (Triplag Music: TRPLGDVD01 / Ireland)

01. 雷鳴 - Call of thunder
02.斬鉄剣-The steel slayer-
03. 反逆 - Rebellion 
04. 帝国 - Empire 
05. 皇帝 - Emperor 
06. End OF Machine Age
07. 暴動 - Revolt 
08. 変遷 - Transition 
09. Mororbreath 
10. 百鬼夜行-Pandemonium- 
11. 天照再臨 - The Advent Of Amateras

Vic Triplag / Imaginarium (Triplag Music:TRPLGCD013 / Ireland)
zamurai 03.Inferno [Diablos]
V.A. / Hope Volume 1: Japanese Night Music (Brain Busters / Japan & USA)
zamurai 13.The After [Mephisto]
15.Rebirth Eve [Far East Ghost]
V.A. / Veil of Shadows (2to6 Records:2TO6CD005 / Switzerland)
zamurai 05. Kraits [Far East Ghost vs Amorphous]
V.A. / Zamurai (Rockdenashi Productionz:ROCKDENACD003 / Japan)
zamurai 09. Realize (Too fast to live RMX by Far East Ghost) [Vortex]
10. The War [Far East Ghost vs Speed Demon feat. DeathCo from Vent Of Against]
V.A. / Lunar Prophecy (Triplag Music:TRPLGCD010 / Ireland)
lunarprophecy 07. Lunar Prophecy [Far East Ghost vs Rawar]
09. Criminal [Datakult vs Far East Ghost]
V.A. / Speedmasterz (Rockdenashi Productionz:ROCKDENACD002 / Japan)
speedmasterz 07. Motorbreath [Far East Ghost]
V.A. / Kali Yuga - Compied & Mixed by GoaGil - (Avatar Music:AVA057 / Israel)
kaliyuga 05. End Of Machine Age [Far East Ghost]
V.A. / Eclipse in Japan 2009 - Black Sun - (Rockdenashi Productionz:ROCKDENACD001 / Japan)
eclipseinjapan2009 05. 天照再臨 - The Advent Of Amateras - [Far East Ghost]
Far East Ghost / Emperor (Triplag Music:TRPLGCD008 / Ireland)
emperor Disc1:Emperor
01.雷鳴 - Call of thunder
02.飽和 - Saturation
03.反逆 - Rebellion
04.帝国 - Empire
05.皇帝 - Emperor
06.暴動 - Revolt
07.変遷 - Transition
08.再生 - Resurrection
09.破壊 - Destruction

Disc2:Return of the bastard+Bonus
01.Return of the bastard/Far East Ghost
02.Return of the bastard/Savage Scream RMX
03.Return of the bastard/Fatal Discord RMX
04.Return of the bastard/Baphomet Engine RMX
05.Return of the bastard/Datakult RMX
06.Return of the bastard/Adi RMX
Bonus Tracks
07.反逆 - Rebellion(Instrumental ver.)
08.暴動 - Revolt(Instrumental ver.)
V.A. / A Chain of Mind (Triplag Music:TRPLGCD007 / Ireland)
a chain of mind 07. Computadores Fazem Arts [Far East Ghost]
V.A. / Inner Panic 2 (Manic Dragon Records:MDREC-13 / Hong Kong)
inner panic2 Disc1-10. Center Of Chaos [Far East Ghost]
Disc2-08. Ground Of Darkness [CPC vs. Far East Ghost]
Disc2-11. Center Of Chaos [Far East Ghost]
V.A. / Out of Time (2to6 Records:2TO6CD001 / Switzerland)
out of time 09. Eccentric Conception [Far East Ghost vs. Mubali]
Baal, Mephisto & Diablos / Lords Of Destruction (Triplag Music:TRPLGCD006 / Ireland)
lords of destruction 02. Evolution [Mephisto]
03. Chaos render [Diablos]
04. Disty [Diablos]
06. Doomsday [Mephisto]
08. Necromancer club [Mephisto]
09. Black twisted horn [Diablos]
10. Terror's end [Blizzard]
V.A. / Trip Formation (Triplag Music:TRPLGCD005 / Ireland)
trip formation 03. White Disaster [Diablos]
11. Gestalt Collapse [Far East Ghost vs. Sysyphus]
V.A. / Cerveau Et Petite Cuillere (Kabrathor Records:KBRTHCD006 / Switzerland)
cerveau et petite cuillere 10. Luciferian [FarEastGhost vs. Datakult]
V.A. / Multiple Personalities 3 (Manic Dragon Records:MDREC-11 / Hong Kong)
multiple personalities3 6. Ground Of Darkness [CPC vs. Far East Ghost]
V.A. / Yuurei Tales (Triplag Music:TRPLGCD004 / Ireland)
yuurei tales 06. Voices Of Spectral Lord [Far East Ghost]
V.A. / Ijigen - Another Dimension (Kabrathor Records:KBRTHCD005 / Switzerland)
ijigen 04. Out Of Dimension [Far East Ghost vs. Hishiryo vs. Psyhamaa]
07. Depressive November [Baphomet Engine vs. Far East Ghost]
10. Overlord [Far East Ghost]
V.A. / Dark Love (Triplag Music:TRPLGCD002 / Ireland)
dark love 09. Japanese Industrial Standard [Far East Ghost vs. Killer Mind]
V.A. / Psy Movies (Kagdila Records:KAGCD113 / U.S.A.)
psy movies 08. Ghost in the machine [Far East Ghost]
V.A. / Keep The Faith (Triplag Music:TRPLGCD001 / Ireland)
keep the faith 06. Model 19 [Far East Ghost]
V.A. / The Evolved Human Experience (6362Meta Force / U.S.A.)
the evolved human experience 02. Meta Ghost [Far East Ghost]
V.A. / Paraphernaliens (Berlin Psychedelic Movement / Germany)
paraphernaliens 04. Yamato [Far East Ghost]
Far East Ghost / Welcome to psychedelic hell (Trip Records:TTD002 / Japan)
welcome to psychedelic hell 01.斬鉄剣--The steel slayer-
02.One shot, one kill [Feat.DJ Travel]
03.ZK-01 [Noise Gust vs. Far East Ghost]
04.異次元-Another dimension-
05.War dance
06.Stormbringer [Hishiryo vs. Far East Ghost]
07.Electric octopus
08.Beast feast
10.Do you believe in god?
Bonus track
11.Welcome to psychedelic hell
V.A. / Buddha Power - 釈迦力 (Trip Records:TTD001 / Japan)
buddha power 03. Widow Maker [Far East Ghost]
V.A. / Further Ambivalent Tendencies (Ambivalent Records:AMBCD7 / United Kingdom)
further ambivalent tendencies 05. Knocked Out Goner [N.R.S. vs. Far East Ghost]
Zeta / Zeta (Farm Records:FARM-0062 /Japan)
zeta Disc1-05. Tokyo, After Midnight [ZETA vs. Far East Ghost]
Disc2-03. Can't outrun the stingray [Remixed by Far East Ghost]
V.A. / Unhinged (Last Possible Solution:LPSCD001 / United Kingdom)
unhinged 08. Unbreakable [Far East Ghost vs. NRS]
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